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April 24, 2007


A Former User

As a former user of Delta3D I can tell you that it is not as modular as advertised. It has rapidly dated itself and has the cost of free. Cost benefit by my company was to either pay the Delta3D team to do something or buy a commercial engine that already did everything that we needed it to do out of the box. It turned out to be cheaper to license the engine than to pay engineers to make the enhancements to Delta3D. It is a great idea, but was outdated when it was released. A shame.

Jim S

@former user - I'm disappointed to hear that. I am curious though, was there no alternative to paying the team to make the changes? Was there any way that you and/or the community could have provided the improvements you needed? Had the underlying components that made up Delta3D ceased evolving or were their improvements simply not making it into the Delta3D distro?

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