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October 30, 2008


Kit Plummer

They're in basements...provided by B, LM, NG, GD, RTN, et al.

In order to answer the question of why they aren't attending conferences like the above mentioned, you have to ask why their employers don't let them.

Let's be realistic...the real geeks are going to RailsConf, Where 2.0, ApacheCon(s) and the like. We don't really want them to show up a DoD-specific conference. We want the DoD(and contractors) to go those events.

Joel Jackson

Im biased:)...but the open source geeks for govies are at the Red Hat Government Users Conference. 250+ to be accurate this year. Last year was 200.

Not sure if you were there. But we have technical breakouts, one on one sessions with the program managers (for cool new projects like AMQP, MRG, etc.). And have a great mix of govies, contractors, and (wait for it:) customers actually giving preso's on how they are using open source. SPAWAR and USMC did a great SOA preso this year. Booze gave a good one too.

AFEI is pretty much run by Sun, which is trying very hard to use our business model to transform their company. Sun is really good at talking with the "suits" in DoD...but RH crushes them at the Program level (the actual users)...and they know the where the Open Source innovaiton and "action" is coming from.

We've tried to get speaking slots on AFEI (to combat some of the ridicules FUD from Bill Sun is the largest contributor to Linux code:), but Ive heard they charge us $25k to sponsor for the year. Oh well.

We need to get you on the agenda next year, much better my opinion.


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