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August 23, 2009


Jeff Carr

I wasn't there, although I wish I had attended. Thanks for capturing the spirit of it with such a thought-provoking post, Jim.

Going to go pass it around Twitter now. :-)


I think a better analogy than the military is commercialism - if you don't give your customers what they want/need, they are going to go elsewhere or fight you all the way and figure out away around your restrictions.

Case in point: The article below talks about Marine problems with insurgents being able to effectively place IEDs even as the Marines traveled off-road "randomly." The current system, Blue Force Tracker, did not allow recording of GPS coordinates, so they got civilian gear which could. The data showed that, although the trips were random, there were essentially locations where the vast majority of the convoys traveled, which was where the Taliban were placing their IEDs.

There are many stories like this is the war where the troops had to find a way around the official solution. A huge waste of time and resources.

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